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How do we design your website and target the right customers?

We’ll ask a series of questions to find out everything we can about your business.

The general purpose of these questions are to find out what your business does; what your business specialises in; your unique selling point (USP); and your ideal customer.

The most important question we will ask is: what activity gives you the most return for the least amount of effort.

We then discuss what the primary purpose of the website will be: to educate people, to generate leads, to have people visit your business, to sell online products, etc.  

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This means that when people get to your website, they know they are in the right place and can find the information they need with the least amount of effort.

Will you help my business set up a domain name and hosting account?

If required, we help you set up a website domain name (e.g. We also help you set up a web hosting account (this is where the website files are kept and edited).

Once my website is built, do I have full control and access to it?

Everything will be registered in your name, you will be given all the required user names and passwords. This means you have full control of your website at all times. While we will manage everything in the background for as long as you require us to, you can walk away with your website at any time.  

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If you would like more information drop us a line or give us a call.