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How do we design your website and target the right customers?
We’ll ask a series of questions to find out everything we can about your business. The general purpose...

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How do we renovate your website?
We first ask you what you like and don’t like about your website. We want to know what goals your website...

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What is SEO and why is it so important?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. To target your ideal clients online, you need to know what they are searching for...

Steed Website Design & SEO is a boutique website design agency located in the Macedon Ranges. We service all areas from Sunbury to Bendigo.

eBusiness Institute Student Award For Excellence

Award Winning Australian Website Design Company

We were awarded E-Business Institute’s Award for Excellence for our skills in website design and search engine optimisation.

These are the skills we use when designing and optimising your website to get your business found online by your ideal clients.

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Within our service area, we can work with you in person or online.
For a tailored solution to your individual business needs get in touch today

Why Working With Us Will Help Your Business Grow

You can only help if you take the time to listen

We take the time to hear you out. We listen to your wants and needs. We then find the best solutions to make your business shine online

Asking the right questions for the best solutions

We think outside the box and ask questions others don’t so we can make sure that your ideal customers find you online

Multiple solutions to individual problems

Every business has specific requirements, we look at multiple options so we can tailor the best solutions to solve your online needs

Being adaptable is the key to success

We build future proof websites so your business can move with the times

We continue to learn every day so we can give you the best possible outcomes

The online world is continuously evolving. Staying up to date with current and future trends not only allows us to tailor the best possible website designs for your business’s individual needs. It also ensures we can give your business the best SEO solutions. 

So Why Does Your Business Need A Website?

3 common reasons why business owners consider websites unnecessary and our answers to them 

My Business has a Facebook listing. Why do I need a website?.

While social media is an essential part of the online business profile, a Facebook business listing alone doesn’t allow you to adequately explain or show the services of your business in a way that is easy for users to understand.

  • You are likely missing out on potential customers.
  • Having a website increases the credibility of the business. 
  • A website that is appropriately set up allows customers to find the information they are searching for. 
  • A website will enable you to control how you communicate with your customers.
  • Your business won’t be at the whim of one company.
  • A properly designed website will rank well and increase leads.

I have enough customers now. Why do I need a website? 

  • Circumstances outside of your control can change the number of customers and referrals you currently receive. 
  • It takes time to build and rank your business online. 
  • Setting a website up now makes you more adaptable to changing economic situations and could save your business in the future.
  • A website that generates leads will most likely increase the value of your business if you choose to sell it in the future.

I’m going to retire soon. Why would I need a website?

If you have any plans of selling your business when you choose to retire, it can be a good idea to have a website. Having a properly functioning website that generates leads will no doubt increase the sale value of your business.

How We Help businesses target their ideal clients online

We ask questions and research 

  • We find out the primary purpose of the website and what you want to focus on
  • We find out what makes your business unique
  • We research your industry and your competition
  • We find out what words potential customers are using to find your services online
  • We find out whether your potential customers use phones, tablets or desktops to search for your services.
Steed Website Design & SEO is a search engine marketing agency located in central victoria

Based on our research and information from you, we come up with a plan of action for a website that: 

  • Is easy to navigate around
  • Has words and images in the correct format and locations
  • Easily allows people to see what services you offer
  • Allows people to contact you from any page of your website regardless of what device they are using.
  • Is search engine friendly
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Bundling all this together, the most critical thing we do is design a website with an excellent user experience on mobile, tablets and desktops.

To do this, we build all our websites on the WordPress platform.
It is an open-source software used by millions of people and businesses around the world. It allows functionality, design features and usability that is not afforded by other website building platforms such as WIX.
With WordPress, the functionality and design possibilities are endless.

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